Johann Sebastian Bach's seven keyboard toccatas are perhaps early works and thusly designed to impress--something they do quite beyond all reasonable expectation ('early' is a relative term with Bach because even his earliest works are almost always fully matured masterpieces).

This is Bach the greatest keyboard player at the zenith of his power; and, listening to these works, it is easy to understand why the keyboard artists who were Bach's contemporary competitors usually wanted no part of any head-to-head comparisons or competitions with him.

Above the brilliance and the grandeur... what sublimity! What noble majesty! What passion and grace! If there's one word which best describes this sort of music it's sheer, unadulterated 'deliciousness.'

Such unreigned indulgences were, of course, a sin during the 'classical' period... Europe had turned outward, impersonal, and music which explores the individual's earthier feelings and emotions seemed almost too self-centered and selfish--sacrifices to some greater cause of king & country were the buzz-words then, and it wasn't until Beethoven that it was again permissible to indulge oneself in earthy 'sensations' such as are evoked by this so very 'delicious' music.

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J S Bach's Seven Keyboard Toccatas (piano here).

Toccata No.1 in f#m

Toccata No.2 in cm

Toccata No.3 in D

Toccata No.4 in dm

Toccata No.5 in em

Toccata No.6 in gm

Toccata No.7 in G

I am making these files available now (rather than later) because I have reached a point of diminishing returns in their editing. That is, theoretically the pieces can always come closer still to the way I think they ought to be interpreted --but not by so much that it justifies my spending all that much more effort on it. Although it was fun while it lasted, it's time to work on something else now.

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