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Johann Sebastian Bach's six keyboard partitas hold some of his most wonderful ideas for the keyboard. The concluding sixth is especially noteworthy even among such brilliant companions. It remains truly one of the most profound ideas anyone has ever imagined.

Here it is possible to 'hear' the birth of Mozart and Beethoven; and it seems inconceivable that those two composers were not familiar with these pieces (unless the connection goes through Bach's children instead, of course).

These works are a fuller, perhaps more mature, form than the toccatas (which are Bach's highest, and probably earlier, attempt to exploit and enlarge upon his keyboard music). 

Whenever one listens to Bach's keyboard music it is helpful to remember that Bach was the first (and some think the greatest) exponent of fully employing the thumb in playing. But above and beyond the technical brilliance of these pieces lies a power and passion, a poetry and inspiration unmatched since.

    COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Copyright (P) 1997 Mr. S. D. Rodrian

Although any transcription of Bach's music is by definition in the Public Domain, these 'interpretations' ARE copyrighted as performances:

This music may not be reproduced by any means without the expressed written permission of S. D. Rodrian... with the one exception that these MP3 files be freely distributed through the WWW as long as they are not modified in any way:

other MP3 versions of these files are also available at:

J S Bach's Six Keyboard Partitas (piano here).

Partita No.1 in BbM

Partita No.2 in cm

Partita No.3 in am

Partita No.4 in D

Partita No.5 in G

Partita No.6 in em

I am making these files available now (rather than later) because I have reached a point of diminishing returns in their editing. That is, theoretically the pieces can always come closer still to the way I think they ought to be interpreted --but not by so much that it justifies my spending all that much more effort on it. Although it was fun while it lasted, it's time to work on something else now.

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