J S Bach's Six 'French' Suites for Keyboard / S D Rodrian

Johann Sebastian Bach's 'French' Suites are his 'light' pieces. Short and sweet, they are nevertheless usually thought of more as 'germanic' (largely due to their intensity). But intensity was practically Bach's middle name, and in contrast to most of his other work, these six suites do exemplify something of that 'light' approach which later came to dominate the 'classical' period (when music lost its center stage position in a more politicized world, and was almost turned into mere accompaniment... what today is known as 'elevator music')    

There were exceptions, of course, Haydn, and later Mozart. But it wasn't until Rossini and Beethoven that music again demanded and eventually retook center stage. During that 'classical' hiatus, the music of Bach lay in neglect: no one had time to pay as much attention to it as Bach's music obviously demands... the classical ('French') world was in chaos and revolution; indeed, it is a tribute to the greatness of Beethoven that he was able to come up with music that again commanded center stage even amidst the Napoleonic years.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Copyright (P) 1997 Mr. S. D. Rodrian

Although any transcription of Bach's music is by definition in the Public Domain, these 'interpretations' ARE copyrighted as performances:

This music may not be reproduced by any means without the expressed written permission of S. D. Rodrian... with the one exception that these files may be freely distributed through the WWW as long as they are not modified in any way:

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French Suite No.1 in dm

French Suite No.2 in cm

French Suite No.3 in bm

French Suite No.4 in EbM

French Suite No.5 in G

French Suite No.6 in E

I am making these files available now (rather than later) because I have reached a point of diminishing returns in their editing. That is, theoretically the pieces can always come closer still to the way I think they ought to be interpreted --but not by so much that it justifies my spending all that much more effort on it. Although it was fun while it lasted, it's time to work on something else now.

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